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My Favorite Downtown Detroit Photoshoot Locations | Part One

February 23, 2021

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It’s no secret that I love Detroit and everything it has to offer. It’s my go-to city for anyone asking where they should have their engagement or branding session. Here’s part one of my favorite locations to shoot at in Downtown Detroit. Stay tuned for part two!

These photos were taken right before we celebrated Valentine’s Day. Big shout out to my AMAZING fianc√©, Cory for taking all of these photos for me!



Location #1: West Village Flower Wall

Ok, so this may be my favorite or one of my favorite murals in Detroit. It’s a little bit off the beaten path, but totally worth checking out. Tell Google Maps to take you to The Red Hook Detroit, grab a coffee, and enjoy!


Location #2: West Village Agnes St

So if you’ve made your way to the flower wall, stay put and turn around! The entire strip of Agnes St. has a perfect urban/city backdrop. We went around mid-day where the lighting was a bit more harsh, but I love the effect the shadows gave off.

Location #3: Eastern Market

Have you ever been to Eastern Market? If you haven’t, I highly recommend it! It’s one of my favorite places to go and explore. There are so many different wall murals to see, you almost need a map! Luckily, there is one! Murals in the Market created one just for us photographers (not really, but I like to think so lol) and you can find it here.

I found this amazing wall by Camilo Pardo and love the neutral tones he used throughout. This is just one of the many murals you can find right in Eastern Market.

Location #4: Woodward Ave.

You’re probably thinking Woodward Ave? Isn’t it like miles long? Yes! It’s miles long PACKED with amazing spots to take photos! This is one of my favorite spots just outside of an apartment building next to The Whisky Parlor. The shapes on the door add a nice geometric element to the background!

Location #5: Quicken Loans Building


Location #6: Campus Martius

Pro engagement tip: Schedule your engagement photos & then go on a fancy date! You’re both already dressed up and it’s nice to reward yourself for being in front of the camera. Here’s a photo of me & my fiance after I made him take pictures of me around the city on our date at Parc.

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