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How I Picked my Wedding Dress

July 27, 2022

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Once I knew what I wanted in a wedding dress, it didn’t take me long to find it. Figuring out what I wanted was the hard part. Here are a few tips I want to share to help you find the perfect dress.

First, I’m sure you are already of have already done this, but browse Pinterest and Instagram. But don’t just type “wedding dresses.” Think about your venue and the vibe you are going for. If you are getting married outdoors, try searching “outdoor wedding dresses.” If you are looking for something simple, search for “classic wedding dresses” and so on.

The next step is to search for bridal salons in your area. The Knot is a great place to start, but Google can narrow down the closest shops to your location.

Once you’ve found a few shops near you, take a look at their website and browse the designers they carry. If they do not list the designers, call and ask. Most bridal salons carry the most recent collection from dress designers.

From there, you’ll want to search for the designers’ website. Their websites feature amazing photos of their most recent collections. Some even list the specs and details of each gown.

Another approach to this is to look up wedding dress designers first. Most designers will have a “retailers” section on their site directing you to the shops that carry them. Take notes and save photos. Ex) XX bridal salon carries XX designer.

The next step is CRUCIAL.

Call the boutiques to double-check that they carry the designer you want. Then, check to see if they are in your price range. Most designers do not list their prices on their websites. Calling the boutiques directly can narrow down what you can afford.

Now you’re ready to make an appointment!

Let the stylist know ahead of time your preference of style, designer and price point. Try on every style, even ones you aren’t sure you’ll like. You never know what dress you’ll like until you try it on!

And yes, you may need to go to several boutiques to find “the one.” I hope this process helps you narrow down your selection. The most important thing to remember is to BE PATIENT!

For those wondering, I got my dress from Beloved Bridal in Ann Arbor, Michigan and the designer is Alexandra Grecco.

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