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20 Things Couples Forget to do Before Their Wedding Day

July 22, 2022

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1. Create a wedding planning checklist
– Pro Tip: If you have an iPhone, use the list feature in the Notes app (it’s so fun to check items off as you go!)

2. Choose your right-hand (best man or maid of honor)
– They should be there to handle things if something goes wrong.

3. Pack an emergency bag
– Safety pins, boob tape, medicine, and ring clearer to name a few

4. Make a timeline for your bridal party
– Your people should know where they need to be at all times

5. Make a timeline for your vendors
– Your planner and photographer should handle this

6. Call your vendors to confirm
– If you have a day-of coordinator, they should do this, but if not, you’ll need to call all of your vendors 1-2 weeks before to confirm all of your details and arrival times

7. Take your travel times into account
– If your getting ready 20 minutes away from your venue, you’ll need to account for this in your timeline

8. Clean your rings
– You know that ring cleaner that you packed in your emergency kit? Give it to your photographer before they take detailed shots to ensure it shines bright!

9. Pack your marriage license
– and give it to someone you trust! Make sure you know who is handling it after you sign it on the day of as well.

10. Have a weather backup plan
– If you’re holding your ceremony or reception outdoors, decide on where you will hold them in case in rains

11. Pack extra (comfy) shoes
– These foldable flats from Amazon are easy to transport and your feet will thank you later.

12. Make sure your bouquets get delivered to the location you are getting ready at
– Talk to your florist, but your photographer will need to photograph the flowers while you are getting ready. You may encounter an extra delivery fee, but it’s a must.

13. Keep the rings together before the ceremony
– The only time they should be apart is for the “getting ready” portion of the day. Give them to someone you trust and someone with pockets. This cute ring bag fits perfectly in your best man’s jacket pocket.

14. Buy a nice hanger for you and your bridesmaids
– You can find so many options on Amazon.

15. Assign someone to pack away your gifts at the end of the night
– This can be your day-of coordinator or a close family member

16. Assign someone to rally all your family members together for family portraits
– This is typically someone who knows everyone and is not afraid to be assertive.

17. Ask your caterer or wedding planner to set aside appetizers for you and your bridal party
– You won’t have time to think about this on the day of, but you’ll be starving by the time your reception starts.

18. Create a list of the most important shots you want your photographer to get
– Most photographers should already have a list of shots they get throughout the day, but if you have anything specific to you or a special tradition in your family, it’s important to let your photographer know.

19. Create signage that is clear for your guests
– You never want to leave them confused or lost on where to go next.

20. Talk to the people who are giving speeches
– Make sure they prepare in advance and know what order they are going in.

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