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Wedding Rehearsal Tips

July 21, 2022

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1. Practice your pace

Try playing the song that you and your bridal party will walk down to and practice their speed. Walk slow enough for your photographer to get the shots they need, but quick enough to get to the alter on time.

2. Figure out your spacing

Your bridal party should have the same amount of space between each other at the altar. If you are able to put a piece of tape down for each person, do it. If not, give your bridal party a rule of thumb Ex) elbow-length away.

3. Find your center

Most ceremonies have some form of an arch or backdrop for the bride and groom to stand at. Make sure you center yourself with the arch. This is super important for photos and one of the things I stress to my clients the most!

4. Face each other & hold hands

Most people don’t know what to do with their hands once they are at the altar. The best way to avoid any awkward situations is to hold hands with one another. Do not have your backs to the audience the entire time!

5. Talk to your officiant

Make sure you and your officiant are on the same page. One thing I always suggest is for your officiant to step to the side right before you go in for your first kiss. Your officiant should also be announcing this (ex: “You may now kiss your bride”).

6. Communicate with your best man and maid of honor

Your right bearer (if you have one) should hand off the rings to your best man after they walk down the aisle. The best man should keep it in their pocket until the appropriate moment.

The maid of honor should be your right hand. They will need to hold your flowers and fluff your dress after you walk down the aisle. They should also keep an eye on your veil in case it is too windy and falls off.

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